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Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Due to the greater exposure of motorcycle riders and vast weight disadvantage in comparison to other types of motor vehicles, motorcyclists typically suffer far worse injuries than other motorists in the event of a collision. From scrapes and “road rash” to catastrophic spinal cord injuries and head trauma, motorcycle accident injuries can often have life-changing or even fatal consequences.

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Common Injuries Suffered in Motorcycle Crashes

The impact of a motorcycle accident can cause injury to nearly every part of the body, with the severity of these injuries varying based on the speed, location, force of impact, and size of the vehicles involved in the collision. While more severe impacts tend to result in more serious injuries, even seemingly minor crashes can cause a motorcyclists to suffer a lifetime’s worth of medical complications. Since some injuries can have delayed symptoms and may not surface for days or even weeks after a collision, it is imperative you seek medical treatment as soon as possible after a crash to minimize your chances of suffering permanent damage.

The following types of injuries are commonly suffered in motorcycle accidents:

  • Brain and head injuries - Concussions and brain damage are among the most common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents, especially in situations where the rider was not wearing a helmet. Depending on the extent of the damage, brain injuries can cause symptoms as mild as headaches and dizziness to reduced cognitive function, memory loss, or even coma. Any sort of blow to the head must be monitored closely, as brain swelling or internal bleeding can have fatal consequences if left untreated.
  • Road rash - Motorcycle collisions frequently cause riders to be thrown from their bikes and slide across the pavement, causing exposed skin to be scraped, lacerated, or even torn from the body. Known as “road rash,” these injuries can lead to permanent skin irritations, nerve damage, infections, and lifelong-scarring. In more severe cases, expensive skin graft surgeries may be required to replace lost flesh.
  • Muscle damage - Muscle damage can be suffered to nearly any part of the body in a motorcycle accident, especially in areas which are not protected by the proper safety gear. In severe cases, muscle damage can result in permanently reduced function or paralysis of the affected area. Another often damaged yet overlooked muscle is the eardrum. Riders who do not wear proper earplugs can suffer burst eardrums and become partially or completely deaf.
  • Biker’s arm - Following the initial impact, a rider’s instinct is often to draw their arms around or in front while flying through the air to lessen the impact when they hit the ground. Unfortunately, this usually results in damage to the nerves and bones of the arms, known as “biker’s arm.” Wearing durable leather jackets and elbow pads can help to protect against this damage.
  • Leg injuries - Motorcyclists who are struck from the side may suffer injuries to their lower extremities such as fractured or shattered bones in the legs and knees. While not life-threatening, leg injuries can develop into permanently disabling conditions.

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The last thing you need in the event of a crash is to be hit with mountains of medical bills on your road to recovery. At Herring Law Firm, our powerful Odessa motorcycle accident can protect your rights and help you file a legal claim against those responsible for your injuries. Having successfully represented hundreds of injured clients and earned multiple Texas Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ inclusions, our firm is equipped with the experience and vast legal resources to maximize your potential settlement.

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