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At Herring Law Firm, our Odessa personal injury attorney, Mr. Mason Herring, has seen hundreds of cases involving the wrongful injury of one person due to the negligence of another. Out of all of those cases, premises liability claims is easily one of the most frequently occurring. Perhaps it is common human error that creates so many of these cases? Or perhaps our society is starting to forget the importance of safety in everyday situation? Whatever the reason may be, he is proud to offer his services to the people of his community who need them the most.

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What is a Premise Liability Case?

When a preventable accident causes your injury on someone else’s property, and that accident can be directly linked to an aspect or condition of the property itself, you likely have a premise liability case on your hands. As a welcome visitor to someone’s home or a guest shopping at a retail location, you have the inherent right to assume that you will not be exposed to any unreasonable hazards. Carelessness on the part of homeowners or business managers, however, can quickly put you in danger without you knowing it.

Common examples of negligence that lead to premises liability claims include:

  • Slipping and falling on wet floors
  • Tripping over loose carpeting
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Assaults due to lack of security
  • Unattended, unfenced pools

How Can Liability Be Proven in My Case?

The trick to a successful premises liability claim is proving that your accident was not caused by a sudden, unexpected incident or hazard. There needs to be valid reason to believe that the parties responsible for the condition of the property knew about the danger and did nothing to correct it or notify you about it. In some cases, you may even be only required to show that they should have known about it within reasonable expectations.

Consider these examples when creating your premises liability case:

  1. If your host spills a drink, leaves the room momentarily to get a towel, and you slip on the puddle before they return, your case might be difficult to prove in your favor. The timeframe is likely too brief to point to their negligence.
  2. If you visit a retail location and trip over cracked tiles directly in front of the entrance, you can probably pursue compensation. Since the hazard was in plain sight and in an area that must have been accessed by someone working at the store, the danger should have been addressed immediately.

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