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The oil and gas industries in Texas have grown significantly in recent years, and seem set to expand even more in those yet to come. As companies hire more workers and create more worksites, the potential for a dangerous accident also rises, especially if oil companies are not committed entirely to making safety the number one priority. At Herring Law Firm, we are accepting cases for clients who have been injured on oilrigs off the coast of Texas.

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Dangers at Oilrig Sites

Oilfields can be particularly hazardous if supervisors or the parent company become lax when enforcing safety standards. Constant maintenance and inspections are required to seek out problems and address them readily. Matters become even more complicated if oil collection, production, or refinery is being completed on an off-shore oilrig, where the typical hazards of the open ocean also come into play.

An oilrig may pose the following dangers to workers:

  • Collapsing stairs or scaffolding
  • Falls from heights
  • Falling objects striking those below
  • Sudden flashfires and explosions
  • Exposure to carcinogens
  • Equipment failures

No matter what type of accident has injured you, our Odessa personal injury attorney can handle the claim. Use a free case evaluation today to tell us about what happened.

Liability in an Oilrig Injury Claim

Workers on oilrigs who are injured during an accident may need to go up against their own employer, or the employer’s insurance company, to be properly compensated afterwards. Due to the high cost often associated with the injuries suffered in an oilrig accident, it is not a surprise that some workers’ compensation claims filed after such events would be unfairly denied. The solution may then be found in a personal injury claim, but this will require proving liability did not fall upon the injured.

Evidence that can be used to prove where liability lies in an oilrig accident includes:

  • Oilrig accident reports
  • Close-circuit television camera footage
  • Inspection reports
  • Testimonies from other workers
  • Your own medical evaluation

Compassionate Legal Counsel Delivered by a Tested Litigator

Attorney Herring has built a reputation throughout Texas as being a true legal allied to the injured. With a focus on oilfield and refinery accident claims, he has become instinctively familiar with OSHA regulations, relevant employment laws, and other information regarding such cases. Contact us to speak with our team and learn more about what our Odessa oil accident attorney can do for you in your hour of need.

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