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There seems to be a collective, social opinion that believes that motorcycle riders are reckless by nature, but the truth is that many motorcycle accidents are not caused in part of the rider at all. Insurance companies may choose to ignore the evidence and suggest that a motorcycle rider is always the cause of an accident by virtue of their choice of transportation and the unfair social stereotype. Negligent, careless, or even intoxicated drivers can injure motorcyclists by swerving out of their lanes, failing to check their mirrors or blind spots for anything that is not another automobile, or opening their doors at random times.

If you have been hurt while riding your motorcycle, it should be time for you to start preparing a civil lawsuit against the negligent party. Odessa Motorcycle Accident Attorney Mason Herring of Herring Law Firm can help you review your claim, determine liability, and prepare your case for court, if it comes down to it. Get your free consultation today and ask about his contingency fee agreements – no recovery, no fee!

Full Recovery Costs More and More

Motorcycles do not provide their riders any serious means of protection like the frame of a car does. It should go without saying then that a rider is more likely to experience serious injury after a traffic collision, even at slow speeds. Insurance providers seemingly do not understand this logical conclusion, and they continue to offer the smallest amount of recovery settlements as possible, if they offer anything at all.

One of the ground rules of personal injury cases and motorcycle accidents is to never accept an initial offer right away without first talking to your attorney. It is most likely going to be a minimal amount that barely covers initial medical costs. It will not take into consideration other bills and fees you are sure to encounter as your recuperation progresses.

Your recovery should help you pay for:

  • Upfront and emergency costs
  • Hospital occupation bills
  • Ongoing rehabilitation treatments
  • Motorcycle repair or replacement
  • Lost wages as you heal
  • Reduced earning potential

Injuries caused in a motorcycle accident that may need extensive treatment include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Lacerations
  • Disfigurement

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Navigating litigation and lawsuits after being hurt in a motorcycle accident can be more than troublesome for a person trying to rest and recover. Allow Attorney Herring and his dedicated staff at his law firm take up and manage your case from start to finish. Know that you are in good hands from day one, and find peace of mind thanks to his commitment to keeping you up to speed and in the loop. When you want personalized and professional legal representation, you want Attorney Herring.

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