Rear-End Accidents

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A rear-end accident, also known as a fender bender, is the most common form of car accidents on our nation’s roadways. Typically involving the front of one vehicle crashing into the back end of another, the liability for a rear-end accident is almost-always placed on the shoulders of the person in the back of the collision. This is not necessarily true, of course, but you may need the help of a professional car accident lawyer from Herring Law Firm to prove who truly was responsible for your accident. Contact us right now for free consultation.

What should I do if I’ve been in a rear-end accident?

As there are hundreds of fender benders on our highways every day, it is likely that you will be in such an accident one day. Knowing what to do after a rear-end accident could save you from legal and financial troubles later. Some essential steps to always take include:

  • Collecting as much information as possible from other drivers
  • Never admitting fault
  • Taking photographs of any damages or injuries
  • Contacting your insurance company and an attorney

What is whiplash?

Even in low-speed rear-end accidents, the driver that was hit from behind will usually claim to be suffering from neck or head injuries, known as whiplash. The consequences of whiplash may be immediate, or they might not show up until years later as a lingering pain. Additionally, nonphysical problems, such as trouble sleeping or the inability to keep concentration, could be caused by a whiplash injury. It is always important to be aware of potential neck, head, and spine injuries after a fender bender, as any damage caused could be escalated with improper treatment or care of the individual.

An Odessa Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Today

In a rear-end accident, you’re going to need to prove who was at fault for the collision, and what harm was caused, either to people involved or their vehicles. You may also be up against your insurance providers, who might be unwilling to give you full coverage for the damages. We at Herring Law Firm understand that overlooking a single piece of evidence could make or break your case. We want to prove to you what our commitment to our clients and our steadfast attention to detail can do for you. After all, you deserve the chance to pursue financial compensation after your car accident.

Don’t let the blame of a rear-end accident fall on you. Contact Herring Law Firm right now.

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